Fashion Designer

Koreatown, Los Angeles

I first met Charles at a mutual friends get together here in Los Angeles. I remember being in the middle of a conversation with someone at the party, and from the corner of my eye seeing him peek around the kitchen rocking the most effortless swag in a wool double breasted black blazer and Versace shades. And I knew from the second I met him that we would hopefully create together. 

Having moved here recently from San Francisco, CA - Charles has the motivation of a hustler and creativity of a younger Issey Miyake. Charles is consistently working, learning, and creating with whatever he has around him. His motivation for success and true passion for his craft is going to take him to incredible places, I can just feel it. 

This week we met up at his apartment for a make-shift photoshoot. This is what happened. 

A: When did you first know you wanted to get involved in fashion? 

C: "Last year (2016) I was working this job in the tech industry and just felt so stagnate with life, school and everything. Plus I honestly got tired going to the store and never finding pants that fit!"

A: What was your favorite brand in middle school?

C: "In middle school my favorite brand was Anchor blue, I loved them very much and I shopped with them every time I was at the mall... their jeans were f*cking amazing." 

A: "What was the first piece of clothing you made?"

C: "Some shitty ass pants that were too big, but I was so proud of myself because I had zero experience sewing or copying patterns. Plus I made them out of raw denim and they had silk lined pockets! They were some high class a** jeans to say the least!" 

A: Who were your fashion inspirations growing up? 

C: "Growing up my mom and aunt were my fashion inspirations. They were what you call real Southern Baptist Church girls! They had the baddest church suits with wigs and hats to match, and plus my aunt had this little clothing business on the side where she used to sell the finest fur's, suits and hats to her home girls... she called it Brandy's Fashion. 

A: Are there any cultural influences for your style? 

C: "Cultural influences... hmm. I am really influenced by Desi Fashion specially traditional Indian clothing such as the Kurti & the Kurta."

A: What is the hardest aspect of getting started in fashion design? 

C: "The hardest part isn't getting started its actually the execution, there's many instances where I'll copy a pattern, cut it, wash the fabric, cut the fabric, and then I'll take 5 years to actually go and sew the godd*mn garment together. It's a constant battle I'm still battling!" 

A: If you could make clothing for any artist in todays pop culture who would it be and why? 

C: "SZA... hands down! SHE IS A F*CKING GODDESS

A: Rihanna or Beyonce?

C: THEY'RE BOTH PHENOMENAL WOMEN... I can not compare nor pick one over the other. 

A: Do you have any rituals getting into your creative space?

C: "I have to clean my apartment before I start any projects... mentally its very refreshing to work in a clean and tidy space." 

A: Where do you see yourself in 5 years? 

C: "Well I'm 22yrs turning 23yrs, so I'd be essentially 28yrs in five years. So my five year goals are to be thriving within the fashion industry, happy, content, closing on a place in the 11 arrondissement of Paris (Bastille) and preparing to adopt a child by the time I turn 30yr.