11.12.17 Echo Park, Los Angeles. 

1:30 PM

Christopher is a magician behind the camera, and a true artist to his core. From recently getting the opportunity to shoot "The Internet's" Syd and Steve Lacy, to shooting some of the most fire images at this past years ComplexCon, Christopher is out here and he's grinding. At the tender age of 22-years-old, neither age or location is holding this guy back.

A graduate of UCR and Los Angeles, CA native, Christopher Caspe everyone.

A: "What prompted you to first pick up a camera?" 

C: "My dad was the reason I was even exposed to cameras. From since I can remember, my dad always had either had a camera or video camera on him when we went out. Being a youngin, I was curious, tried it for myself, and ended up enjoying it. But, it wasn’t til freshman year of high school, when my dad got the Nikon D90, did I fall in love with photography."

A: "What was the most difficult thing to learn about photography?"

C: "For me the most difficult part of photography at first was opening myself up to others to be willing to get out there and network make my dreams reality."

A: "What is your proudest shoot/moment shooting?" 

C: "Recently, I had a really good friend pass away. It had been 4 years since we hung out but we were able to set a day aside to get together 9-5 to create and catch up with each other. It was an extremely inspiring day that will leave a mark on me forever. Sadly, after that day, my friend passed away. Not only am I glad to know she was happy with life, but also I was really glad I was able to capture her happiness and beauty in her last moments to preserve, honor, and share with her family and friends. I plan to continue pushing the boundaries of my photography and make the dream we planned together a reality."

A: "If you could be the main photographer for any artist who would it be and why?" 

C: "I’d probably have to say Drake. His music speaks volumes to the inner simp and boss in me. It would be amazing the experience first had how he constantly comes out with the musical bangers and still be a really cool guy."

A: "Do you think photography is getting saturated?" 

C: "Yes and no. I really do love how people get into photography but hate how it eventually evolves in trying to attain popularity. For me photography just as Bobby Hundreds described, “stories, content, culture, community, and relationships.” The photography just allows others to have a view of this world where creatives come together to create things."

A: "Does Instagram play a large roll in your marketing?" 

C: "Yes, Instagram gives me a format to keep releasing content and serve as portfolio for companies or future clients to see."

A: "If you weren’t a photographer, what other craft do you see yourself engaging in?"

C: "I’m currently trying to break into videography. I wouldn’t be surprised if I put photography to the side for a bit to pursue videography. I honestly admire the work it takes to produce a video and what love to eventually make music videos."

A: "What inspires you most?"

C: "What inspires me the most is my dad. My dad came from nothing to persevering through struggles to become the doctor that he is today. His story is a constant reminder that putting in the work for what you love can get you to where you want to be. You just have to be willing to take risks."

A: "Favorite album of 2001?"

C: "N.E.R.D.’s album “In Search Of…” is still on repeat to this day. The album to me is just a goldmine. The music was edgy for its time and still is to this day. So many songs helped motivate me from time to time."

A: "Meek Mill or Drake?"

C: "Is this even a question?"

You can find Christopher on Instagram @epsvk and his website