Los Angeles, CA

10.07.17. Rubies+Diamonds / Hollywood, CA.

1:45 PM

As a passionate artist, warm human being, and motivated hustler, it is only a matter of time before Jahski hits the ground running. His lust for life and impeccable choice for fashion made him stand out and I had to interview him. A few months ago he asked for my help to shoot some visuals for his latest project. 

The photos turned out so amazing and that being said - I had to finally ask him a few questions. This is how it turned out.

A: Where did you grow up? 

J: "I was born and raised in Houston, Texas". 

A: What brought you to California?

J:  "I moved to California to explore the many possibilities and stretch myself as far out as I could."

A: How do you create/what does the vibe feel like? 

J: "I create my best material when I randomly hear music. Whether it's in a commercial break, or playing in the background in a coffee shop. I'll instantly get inspired."

A: What motivates you the most? 

J: "The reality of being able to actually use my gift motivates me to continue."

A: Where do you see yourself in five years? 

J: "In 5 years, I see myself touring and still creating new music."

A: Do you think understanding music business is important for artists?

J: "Understanding music business is crucial. You are your own business. So understanding how it runs is important to have a sustainable career."

You can find Jahski now on YouTube under "Jahski Music." His latest single "Go With Me" Prod. by Charley Turner is out now. He can also be found on Twitter at JahskiMusic.