Actor / Director / Photographer

Arts District, DTLA

I met Adam a few months ago at a video shoot. His style and laid back energy made him stand out to me. Since we first met, we now meet up almost twice a month to shoot. Not only is this guy a killer behind the camera, but his directing and acting is impeccable. He is  one of the founders of a full service production company here in Los Angeles titled, DYNMC. His passion for acting is contagious, and he is out here in Los Angeles on a daily basis, hustling and doing his damn thing. 

This week we met up in DTLA for a quick mid-day shoot. This is how it turned out. 

A: What brought you to Los Angeles?

A: "The entertainment industry."

A: When was the first time you picked up a camera?

A: "I got my first point and shoot when I was 13 as a Bar Mitzvah present. Before that I used to take Disposable Cameras on every field trip."

A: What was the hardest transition moving to Los Angeles?

A: "Figuring out how to get started on my career here. I only knew a few people, and for the most part they were all starting out also, so it was hard to get good guidance at first, I kinda just had to go with my gut." 

A: When was the first moment you realized you wanted to pursue acting?

A: "I think I always knew I wanted to pursue acting, but was too afraid to really try it until senior year of college when I finally took an acting class. It was very challenging and I was really bad, but I was hooked."

A: Was there anyone in your family who inspired your decision to pursue acting?

A: "My uncle was a Theater actor who lived in New York during his 20s, but besides that I'm really the first one."

A: Who were you favorite actors/actresses growing up?

A: "Will Ferrell, Adam Sandler, Ben Stiller, when I was growing up I mainly followed comedic actors." 

A: Full House or Fresh Prince?

A: "Definitely Fresh Prince."

A: What was the best advice given to you since you moved to LA?

A: "Learn as many people's names on set as possible, follow up, it's a 24 hour business." 

A: Do you ever do work for free?

A: "Yes, if the project brings me enough creative fulfillment/opportunity." 

A: Is patience really a virtue?

A: "I think patience is very important for what your goals long term are, but you must still work hard in the short term." 

A: If you could have been the lead in any movie from the 2000's what would it be and why? 

A: "I wouldn't necessarily want to replace another actor, but it would have been cool to be in one of Wes Anderson's past films like The Life Aquatic or The Royal Tenenbaums."

A: What inspires you?

A: "Great Art, Music, Ambitious People." 

You can find Adam on Instagram @adambussell. His personal website at - and DYNMC's website at