November 17th, 2017 7:12 AM



My goal for this week is to be more mindful and grateful when it comes to eating! Instead of craving the meal/feeling of indulging, I want to truly enjoy the experience and luxury of having such beautiful food TO enjoy. Understanding that there is a direct correlation between anxiety, stress, and mindLESS eating, I have come to terms with the fact that this may be a lifelong journey! But one that I have no choice but to embrace, take responsibility for, and always move forward. 

"I am a healthy eater. I treat my body with kindness, compassion, and love. I can control my eating while allowing myself to indulge at times and embrace life." 



"Drop that damn story!" Whether it be these fascinating expectations of where I should be in my life right now, who should be in my life right now (romantic partners etc.), what should be in my life right now (partying, extreme socializing, etc.) , or anything and everything else that falls into that category - these stories are malnourishing and maladaptive! Who cares if I start my mornings with a healthy breakfast, workout, and a few episodes of New Girl? If it makes me happy, so what! 

Now there is a fine line to embracing comforbility and avoiding the potential stressors/anxieties of real life. But sometimes you just need to re-boot, re-analayze, and spend some time to alone to figure out what it is what you want. And sometimes you have to spend some time alone to really dig deep, figure out who you are, and how you can gift the universe with undoubtably the best version of yourself. And guess what? That is entirely OK.

"I am a social being but sometimes need my rest and solitude. And that is okay!" 


Time / Responsibilities  

Living in Los Angeles is not cheap. Organizing your life and making sense of all expenses/investments that go into the everyday beings of adulthood is not easy. But it is essential! And subconconnciously running away from looking at these numbers, managing your budget, and seeking the truth of your situation may not only lead to failure and embarrassment - but guilt and shame. 

  • Being mindful of your spending
  • Balancing a checkbook or something of the like
  • Making financial goals 
  • Tracking upcoming expenses etc.

These are all so incredibly important! And although it is easy to get distracted by everyday life and anxieties, these things are essential to living/survival and may not be put on the back-burner! 

"I am conscious of my spending and working towards better managing my money each and everyday."