November 18, 2017 9:54 AM




I CANT BELIEVE I AM SAYING THIS! But ladies and gentlemen after much deliberation and research... I have come to a very crippling finding and at this point have come to the conclusion that coffee may not be all that s all that great for us. Now! One cup a day - hell yes! Do your damn thing and enjoy that morning bliss. Now! Five or six cups a day and "Houston! We may have a problem!" And therefore, if you were anything  like me and consuming roughly 5-6 cups of coffee/expresso, it's no wonder why I was feeling so exhausted and anxious throughout the past few weeks.

After trying to nail down why I had been feeling so groggy, I started to really look at my diet and what may be the culprit. And then it dawned upon me... "sh*t. maybe it is coffee!" Running around LA coffee had been the one constant throughout my days I could count on. Meeting after meeting, before and after workouts, breakfast, lunch, and dinner. 

But as anything else, it can get addictive. And quite frankly, research has never been showing more stat's of just HOW addictive this beautiful indulgence may be. So check out the link attached and let me know what you think! I'm working down to one cup a day and already feeling so much more energized and balanced. Fingers crossed and perhaps aside from gaining a bit more energy, I may also save a few bucks in my budget as well!



Label that sh*t! Give it a name. Take away it's power. And move FORWARD! There is nothing in this world like fighting a current. 

  • "Why am I so anxious! I should be so happy right now!"
  • "I'm so blessed. There's no reason I should feel like this!"
  • "Something has to be wrong with me! Why can't I just be happy!" 

Yesterday morning while hiking I had one of the most realest realizations since moving to LA. "This is it, man." My family is back in Indianapolis, my closest friends are back in Indianapolis, everything I'd ever known is back in Indianapolis. But this is my home now. I made a conscious decision to sacrifice all certainty and comfort, to move out here to Los Angeles and start the next chapter to my life. So this is it.

And it is scary! And I do miss home! And contrary to how much ass I be kickin' - am only 22 and it is a lot of change! But until I could sit here and write that, I was fighting a current. I whole-hearty believe the year after college has to be one of the most mentally conflicting! Friends moving, college days over, responsibilities anew, everything changes. But damn, in the most beautiful way! 

Take time to learn in. Allow yourself to even grieve what you knew to be reality - and yet sit in the comfort of knowing that this growth is merely a new chapter in your book. Your family, your friends, things are different but if it is real things will always remain the same. 

Name the emotion, let yourself feel, let go and it cannot own you.  



Time / Responsibilities 

Taking a new direction but truly feel as though it is so important and after last evening I really just wanted to take a moment to stress how freakin' awesome Uber is. 

Whether your out at a friends late, drinking at your favorite bar, or just freaking exhausted - Uber. Because a ticket is way less expensive than the possibility of an accident, arrest, etc. And at the end of the day it's just so not worth it.

Invest in yourself and the universe will bless you! May Uber be an expense that you can't afford, maybe try asking a family member (mom, dad, grandparents, etc) if you could attach their credit card information to your account. If you're responsible, honest, and using it wisely, I can almost guarantee that someone would be more than happy to help you out. Especially if you are in high school/college and still have financial help from your parents! 

Now if you don't have help, l get it! Uber can get expensive. But try and plan ahead and maybe carpool? And if it gets down to it, always know that a splurge on Uber may quite frankly be the best way to spend your money on a Friday night. 

Furthermore, keep searching for those discounts they're ALWAYS handing out, maybe download Lyft if you haven't utilized that first ride, and always remember that it is so much better safe than sorry!